St Mary's Catholic College Wallasey


English Lesson

Our students develop a life-long love of English and we foster an appreciation of the subject which begins in Year 7 and lasts, for many of our students, until Year 13 and beyond. We personalise learning for all of our students and celebrate the diversity of our community; some of our learners are gifted and talented and some enter St Mary’s with below average levels of reading and writing - our ethos ensures that they all make excellent progress. We are proud of the fact that the number of our students making the expected levels of progress and more is higher than the national average.

At the heart of English here lies a genuine love of reading; our Key Stage 3 students begin their journey with a varied curriculum which includes regular use of our impressive college library, the highly successful Accelerated Reader programme and excellent ICT facilities. Students are rewarded for their commitments and achievements in reading with a League Table and prizes. The results are that our students ‘reading ages rise rapidly and in a sustained way.

Students who need further support in improving Literacy are enriched with our highly structured support system and use of celebrated programmes such as Fresh Start, aimed at securing the essential skills needed for learning phonics.

English Lesson

Specialist outside agencies regularly work with key groups of our students enabling them to develop the Literacy skills that they need to access the curriculum more effectively.

Even at Key Stage 4, improving literacy skills is a fundamental part of our learning. Our intervention and progress groups follow a personalised pathway which ensures that building the skills for reading and writing continues to be at the heart of their learning, in order to help them to be successful at GCSE and beyond.

English at St Mary’s Catholic College is a celebration of our learners’ journeys, developing and improving skills, whilst enjoying a wide array of texts which enable our students to become successful and make excellent levels of progress. From studying functional English; problem solving; group work; individual focused activities and analysing a range of literature that includes everything from Charlotte Bronte to Nick Hornby; and William Shakespeare to Robert Swindells – with much in between. Studying English at St Mary’s Catholic College is a stimulating and diverse experience.